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Friday, 25-Apr-2014  03:12:55 AM
Loan Rate Of Interest - Retail Loans
Types of facilities  Present Rate of Interest (per annum)
(Floating ROI apply)

Personal/ Surety Loan

i) With 50% or more collateral securities upto Rs.3.00 lakh.

ii) Without collateral or less than 50% collateral securities upto Rs.3.00 lakh.


                                           :         14.00%


                                           :         14.50%

Salary CC for salary earners

                                           :          15.00%

Housing Loan  sanctioned & disbursed during the period from 01.07.2005 to 30.06.2006.

I) SDL/ECS (other than from Proprietary & Partnership Firms.

ii) All other Housing Loans




                                           :         8.00%

                                           :         9.00%

Housing Loans Sanctioned/disbursed on or before 06.03.2012

a) Loans sanctioned upto and including Rs.15.00 Lakh

b) Loans sanctioned above Rs.15.00 Lakh and upto & including Rs.25.00 Lakh

c) Loans sanctioned above Rs.25.00 Lakh and upto & including  Rs.70.00 Lakh.




                                           :        11.00%(Floating)


                                           :        11.50%(Floating)

                                           :         12.50%(Floating)

Housing Loans disbursed on or after 07.03.2012 and all New Loans

a) Loans sanctiond upto and including Rs.25.00 Lakh.

b) Loans sanctioned above Rs.25.00 Lakh and including Rs.50.00 Lakh

 c) Loans sanctioned above Rs.50.00 Lakh and upto Rs.70.00 Lakh.






 w.e.f  05.02.2014





Education Loan for higher education in India & Abroad For Boys Student :
Loan upto Rs. 10.00 Lakh : 13.00%
Loan above Rs.10.00 Lakh : 14.00%

For Girls Students :
Loan upto Rs.10.00 Lakh  : 12.50%
Loan above Rs.10.00 Lakh : 13.50%
Education Loan for Vocational Courses
For Boys Students  : 13.00%
For Girl Students   : 12.50%
Loan against pledge of Gold Ornaments (EGLLN/BGLLN) 13.00%
SOD against Gold ornaments.
Loan/ SOD against Govt. Securities 13.00%
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