• We provide financial assistance to those who possess degree or diploma in any discipline of art / craft / profession Or who possess the skill which has been estimated as professional in the opinion of the Bank shall be considered for financial assistance.

    Example: Medical Practitioners, Dental Surgeons, Engineers, Architect, Chartered Accountant, Surveyors, Craftsmen, Lawyers, Solicitors, Management consultants etc.

    • The applicant must be holding a recognized degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering etc. Alternatively, the applicant, in the opinion of the Bank should possess adequate skill, which can be considered as professional.
    • Loans shall be considered for :
      1. Purchase of instruments / equipments viz. X-ray equipment for a Medical Practitioner; Concrete mixer for a construction Engineer; Computers for chartered accountants etc.
      2. Renovation of premises viz. construction / renovation of clinics for Medical practitioners: construction / renovation of Office for Chartered Accountants etc.
      3. Working capital requirements viz. for periodic purchase of raw material and other items by Craftsmen etc.
      4. Service charges as applicable.
    Service Charges and Share money will be as applicable.

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    For more details, write into us at loans[at]abhyudayabank[dot]net , and Abhyudaya Co-op Bank will get back to you.