Services to Exporters

      • Advising Export Letters of Credit :
        Export Letters of Credit received by us will be promptly advised to the beneficiaries. The amendments to the export letter can also be advised by us.

      • Collection of Export Bills :
        We handle export bills on collection basis. Documents are despatched for collection promptly. Funds are credited without any delay on receipt of the same from our correspondent bank.

      • Credit Facilities to Exporters :
        We make available credit facilities to exporters as under:
      • Pre-shipment Finance/ Packing Credit:
        It is granted to the exporters for the purpose of procuring raw materials, processing, manufacturing, packing, transportation, warehousing of goods meant for export. This facility is offered at concessional rate of interest and disbursed both in Indian Rupees and in Foreign Currency

      • Post-Shipment Finance: It is offered by way of:
        1. Purchase/Discount of Export bills.
        2. Negotiation of export bills drawn under Letter of Credit.

      • Both Pre-Shipment Finance and Post-Shipment Finance can also be made available in Foreign Currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, and JPY) depending on the availability of Foreign Currency Funds.