Any Branch Banking

  • Out of 109 branches,20 branches are working in double shift, rendering 11 hours service to our esteemed customers. Network of branches are present in Maharashtra, Gujarat & Karnataka. For the convenience of our customers there are 20 Sunday working branches providing service to millions of people.
    • Zone wise / Region wise Branches
    • Sunday working Branches
    • Branches with Gold Loan Counters
    • Foreign Exchange Services
    • Branches with Locker Facility
    Customer can avail following facilities through ABB ( Any Branch Banking).
    • Withdrawal OR Transfer only against a cheque.
    • Maximum cash withdrawal from other branches through ABB is Rs.50,000/- for self and Rs.25,000/- for third party in Saving account & Rs.1,00,000/- for self & Rs. 50,000/- for third party in CD/SOD/SODIMP/FLXLN/SODGLD accounts.
    • There is no limit for amount under transfer transactions.